Thefacts of light
Fact 04
After one year of operation, brightness of a laser phosphor projector can drop below the DCI-spec.
Fact 04

A dark and dim movie presentation can ruin the experience for your audience. After just over a year of typical use, the laser module components of a laser phosphor projector will degrade to the point where achieving 14 fL is no longer possible. Once this point is reached, the only option to restore original, DCI-specified brightness is to swap out the entire, costly laser module.

In comparison, restoring the brightness of a Xenon projector only requires a simple, relatively low-cost lamp change – a procedure an experienced technician can complete in a matter of minutes.

Brightness over 30,000 hours

The graph below compares brightness drop-off of the different illumination platforms over 30,000 hours (around 8 years for a typical cinema projector). After little over a year, laser phosphor drops below the DCI specification for brightness. RGB pure laser has a much slower drop-off, maintaining 80% brightness after 30,000 hours. Xenon, meanwhile, can maintain brightness throughout the life span of the projector with simple, efficient lamp changes.